8 Ways to Repair a Damaged and Weak Car Dry Battery

8 Ways to Repair a Damaged and Weak Car Dry Battery

8 Ways to Repair a Damaged and Weak Car Dry Battery

Your car must have used a dry battery and there are also those who use wet batteries. Therefore you as a vehicle owner must be careful in maintenance, because if your battery is damaged then your car's vehicle is no longer functioning. So if you can repair the car's dry battery it is very useful if one day your car battery is damaged. To buy the battery price for the vehicle is very expensive, especially the car battery is definitely more expensive compared to the price of a motorcycle vehicle battery.

For the time being that has been well-known for its advanced technology, especially in automotive technology which also closely follows the development of the times so that the majority of the people in Indonesia, the car has become one of the very primary needs in order to meet their daily needs.

The automotive world is advancing so they offer cars that have been equipped with other electronic devices to support the level of comfort for all. As given by TV complement, Sound system, emergency lights and so on which also require electrical energy obtained from the battery. Dry batteries have become the choice of car lovers to provide electricity for electronic devices in the car.

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How to repair a battery with simple and sure tools, it's also easy to get. Then pay attention and see the method as explained below.

If you want to repair your car battery then you must prepare the tools and materials that will be used so that the process is fast. Then prepare the ingredients such as:

Accu water
Plastic Glue
Syringe and
If you have prepared the tools mentioned above, the steps to improve the battery will be explained.

1. Take out the battery

Remove or remove your car battery from your torch to make it easier to repair, basically the battery is inside the front hood of your car. Located at the bottom of the floor of your car or other place, because each car also has its own arrangement. Then clean up dirt like dust - dust or crust that has been attached to the car battery for a long time, in cleaning it if you can do not just use a washcloth, but it is easier for you to use water just to make the cleaning process faster.

2. Open Cover

If you have finished cleaning the outside of your car battery then you can open the cover of your car battery using a screwdriver, you can use a screwdriver (-) in a strong and careful manner so as not to add damage to your car battery because the cover is attached to strong.

3. Small Close

If you have successfully opened the lid of your car battery with a screwdriver (-) then the next is to look for a small lid inside the battery part which is made of round round rubber, in the battery there are usually 3 pieces of lid and if for a larger battery with ampere the big one.

4. Battery water

The battery that has been prepared before will be used for the dry battery of your car. that is by injecting the battery water into each hole of your car battery slowly - slowly and filling it up not to be too full, it is estimated that there is a distance of 1 cm from the lid of the battery hole.

5. Close the Cover

If you have finished filling the battery into your car's battery, then close the cover above your car battery neatly to avoid leakage and seepage later.

6. Plastic Glue

How to Repair Dry Batteries Cars can be done with plastic glue. If you still doubt whether your battery cover is really neat and will not experience leakage or seepage later you can use plastic glue to be firmer in the lid.

7. Linking battery

After you have done the above methods, the last is to do the charging process or charger the battery by connecting your car battery with the other car battery that is still alive. In addition to the charger, you can also do it with the transformer cas.

8. Make sure the machine continues to be heated every day

One of the causes of soak batteries is that they never heat the engine for a certain period of time, especially for more than one week. Make sure you heat the car engine for 5-10 minutes every day.

Advantages and disadvantages of dry car batteries
It has been explained how to repair a car's dry battery. So for those of you who have four-wheeled vehicles if you choose a car battery, then here we will explain about the advantages possessed by dry batteries.

Excess dry battery
Batteries or often called dry batteries, have a type that does not require electrolyte liquid to soak cells that are in a battery or battery. So why does this dry battery or dry battery not require electrolyte liquid to soak cells because this type of battery only uses some kind of gel. The gel that is used for this battery produces a very low amount of evaporation so that this gel is almost reduced in size from the normal level.

Gel that is in the battery can be reduced but with a long time, Gel can be reduced by about 1 - 1.5 years. So that this dry battery can minimize the maintenance of your vehicle. Treatment known as maintenance free battery. This type of dry battery is perfect for you if you do not want to be bothered by checking the battery or checking the car battery. For the price marketed by the dry battery this car is indeed more expensive because of the durability and the complexity of the dry battery. It can be up to 50% more expensive than the price of wet batteries in general.

Lack of dry car batteries
Car dry batteries do have advantages that make car users feel no hassle. But the car battery also has drawbacks, in addition to the expensive market prices that can reach up to 50% more expensive than wet batteries, this car battery has a disadvantage, one of which is not able to withstand very high temperature conditions because the battery can broken quickly. So that this dry battery cannot be as strong as a wet battery which if the machine can work with the maximum temperature in the engine room has increased.

So that it can be concluded from what has been explained by the Head of the Quality Department that the vehicles that have been used lately have often used dry batteries, why is it like that because it is clear that this dry battery already has many advantages that will be felt by You are a vehicle owner compared to if you use a wet battery for your vehicle.

Dry battery that has a smaller size compared to a wet battery but this dry battery also has the same ability even with a wet size. Dry batteries can also be installed in all directions because of the small shape, but if the wet battery cannot be installed in all directions because if the wet battery is forced in a place that is not in accordance with its capacity then the battery can be spilled because the battery is wet inside it is liquid.

The ingredients of dry batteries are by using lead containing calcium. This calcium tin does not evaporate but only emits gas because the calcium tin has a filter, and on the other side it has the function to release the gas. So that when a pressure arises in the battery then the dry battery only emits gas. And if the dry battery experiences evaporation of water, the steam will return to the battery. This is the type of dry battery that does not require treatment to add liquid like other batteries.

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