7 Ways to Take Care of a Car Battery for Long-Lasting and Not Wear Out Without Costs

7 Ways to Take Care of a Car Battery for Long-Lasting and Not Soaking Without Costs

7 Ways to Take Care of a Car Battery for Long-Lasting and Not Wear Out Without Costs

Battery is one part of a vehicle that is very good that is a motorbike or a car. Because the battery can be used to distribute power to other parts such as starters, lights, and so on. But from some people who own a vehicle, they don't pay much attention to this very important part. Many people almost never check the vehicle battery. At the bottom of the battery must also be treated so that the battery in your vehicle can be durable and can last a long time without any training.

Car Battery succeeded as a distributor of electric power or electricity sources which also functioned as electrical power for the electrical system that was in the car's engine when it was dead. If the car engine will be turned on again, you have to deal with charging the system on the car. The importance of batteries for your vehicle or for your car is indeed very necessary maintenance. Because for those of you who are less caring, the car will have an impact on the battery.

1. Checking the Number of Electrolyte Batteries

For starters in your treatment, especially to check the number of electrons and your car. This is very easy to do, basically you only conduct checks once a month. If the battery decreases or is below the low level then it indicates that the point that is already in the low meaning of the electrolyte battery has been reduced and requires additional battery air.

In the process of measurement or electromagnetic battery is needed to help the process, the number of your account and you will be able to feel that you will discuss the problem. For now the most common thing is that you will not be able to turn it on because the electrolyte has no battery.

2. Checking the Battery Terminal

The next step in how to take care of a car battery is to check the battery terminal. You as a car owner can check it by visualizing that the battery terminal does not rust, the battery terminal is not moldy, and the terminal cannot clear. If you use a car and rust, then you can clean the car, if you want to clean it in a very easy way using hot air. Mushrooms will be easier if you flush with hot air.

And your terminal account and you can install it first and you have to tighten your terminal first, you won't be able to do it easily with the new battery terminal.

3. Heating the Car

If you rarely use a car to travel then you also need to know how to take care of your car battery by heating the car every day, even though you won't use it to go. Because basically all car batteries will experience self-discharge because the battery capacity will decrease even if the car is not used.

That is one of the reasons why the vehicle has been left for weeks and even months - the battery in your vehicle can be damaged and not strong enough to start your vehicle.

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Then you can know how important it is to heat the vehicle. In heating your vehicle only takes 15 minutes - 20 minutes every day. But if your car is used every day then the process to heat it is not up to 20 minutes, you can heat it in just 15 minutes before using it.

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4. Checking the Charging System

How to take care of a car battery that is very simple to check the charging system is just by looking at the indicator on the battery of the battery in the car dashboard, when the key is on and the engine turns off the battery will turn on. And if you turn on your vehicle's engine, the battery picture on the car battery will die. If the car's engine is on and the battery of the car battery is still alive, your car battery has problems with the charging system.

Then you must be more careful and try to service the charging system in your subscription shop. Besides doing service, it can be done in another way, which is to remove the negative terminal on the battery of the battery when your car's engine is turned on. And if your car's engine dies after the negative terminal is removed, the system at charging is problematic. But if the engine lives after the negative terminal is removed, the charging system works normally.

5. Turn on the engine when there is no load

The next way to take care of a car battery is to avoid turning on heavy loads when you want to start a car engine, such as headlights, TV, radio and so on. If the engine is turned off and the engine is off for a long time, the battery capacity will be drained and long - for a long time your car battery will run out and will not be able to do the battery. Then check the charging system.

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 6. Tune Up Routinely
Apart from what has been explained above, another way to take care of a car battery is to routinely tune up. Because in general if when you do a tune up, the battery or car battery the number of electrolytes will be checked, the battery terminal condition will also be checked. Batteries are vital for vehicles so that men are required to be cared for so that they can last a long time and are not easily damaged.

7. Check the quality of batteries
In car battery maintenance to get proven results about the quality of the car battery that you are using, you can use a device called battery load tester. If you have used this tool to test your battery then the quality of your battery can be seen whether the battery is still good or not good.

If you have already done the things that have been explained above to take care of your car battery so that your car battery can last and last a long time because if used properly and cared for, the car battery will last 3 - 5 years but it all depends on your usage. Each car battery has a different durability time - because in the use of the car itself there is something used every day and some are used once a week.

So that you are not wrong in distinguishing a positive battery terminal (+) with a negative battery terminal (-) you can see physically the battery directly, that is by looking at the positive battery terminal (+) has a larger size when compared to the battery terminal yang (-).

Overcoming the Battery of Tornor
The car battery can come up short when you don't know it, so here are some tips that you can use if your car battery is overdrawn:

1. Batteries on the Journey

By pushing the car.
Step on the car clutch and enter the transmission lever 2
Push the car as far as 5 meters if it is flat, if in a state according to it does not need to be pushed so far.
Release the clutch pedal until the car is alive.
You can do the above method if the car you drive the battery is up to 8 volts. But if the battery voltage has run out and with the indicator light that does not light up or can be said to be dim on the dashboard then by pushing the car like the one above it can turn on the car engine, especially if you use an injection machine.

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If the car you drive is alive then leave it first so that the car battery can be charged with a stun that is supplied by the Alternator, it is likely that the duration is only about 15 to 30 minutes, in this case you notice whether the lights on the dashboard are on or off when the engine is still alive. If the battery light on the dashboard turns on when the engine is on, check it on the alternator or dynamo of the car.

If it has been turned on for 15 minutes and the lights on the battery in the dashboard do not turn on when the car engine is on then the engine can be turned off and try to revive it by stater to test your car battery whether it is still storing stun or not.

The battery can be overdrawn if it is being used on the trip because one of the consequences is damage to the dynamo contents so that the filling of the battery cannot be maximized when the car engine is turned on.

2. Continuous Trick Battery

Seeing the battery volume is still in the lower or upper. Because it can be caused because one dry cell battery or wet battery is below the lower line.
Dryness of battery water, then add the battery water then in the battery charger.
Checking the voltage on the charging of the alternator when the car engine is still alive.

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