10 Ways to Take Good Care of a New Car

10 Ways to Take Good Care of a New Car

10 Ways to Take Good Care of a New Car

How to take care of a new car is very easy. Having a car is certainly a dream for everyone. For those of you who have a new car, of course, will take care and care for the car to stay fit when used. Although a new car does not mean that the car does not require intensive care like other cars. Your new car needs maintenance to keep it looking good both in appearance and in engine performance.

You can also do routine maintenance at home. Although this treatment is simple, it will affect the performance of your car. Well for those of you who have a new car, here are some ways to take care of a new car that you can do to maintain the performance of your car. (Also read: How to Eliminate Car Glass Berets)

1. Maintaining Car Interior from Mushrooms

The first way to take care of a new car is to maintain the car body from a fungus that can usually attack the car's glass or car body paint. If there is a mold attached to the part of the car it will certainly reduce the appearance of your car and make the car look dirty.

To avoid mold on the car, what you do is very easy. You only need to maintain the condition of the car not in a humid state, do not let the car be exposed to rain and then heat continuously. We recommend that when the car is exposed to rain, do the cleaning using a dry cloth.

You can use a microfiber cloth to clean your car. Do not use the coat on the car when it's raining, this will actually provoke the appearance of molds on the body parts of your car. (Also read: Tips for Choosing a Car Amplifier)

2. Routine Car Wash

How to care for a new car is the routine of washing your car. Although it seems trivial, but in fact cleaning the car regularly can affect the performance of your car. Actually, washing your own car is an easy thing, only careful and carefulness is needed so that later there will be no car parts damaged by the car washing process.

Wash the car every time the car is dirty, this will be very helpful for cleaning the dirt that is stuck as long as you drive it. Dirt that is too long attached will be difficult to clean and cause damage to the part of the car. After washing thoroughly, use a microfiber cloth to dry it so as not to cause a beret on your car body. If you are in doubt, you can wash the car in car salons.

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3. Avoiding excessive sunlight

It is not impossible if your car will certainly be exposed to sunlight during the trip. But try to move the vehicle as much as possible in the shade. For example, park your car in a shady place under a tree or in a garage while at home. This will reduce the effects of sun exposure.

You can also give a cover cloth to your car when the conditions are hot. Being exposed to excessive sunlight will make your car paint become dull and fade fast. Of course you don't want it if your car body paint quickly fades? (Also read: How to Save on Car Fuel)

4. Maintain Car Paint

How to take care of other new cars is to keep your car body paint. The influence of weather, sunlight, and others can make your car paint become dull. You can use car paint protectors. Currently there are several types of car paint protectors on the market with different prices, advantages and disadvantages of each. You can ask places that provide paint coating services to make it clearer. (read also: Best Car Paint Protector)

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5. Routine Cleaning the Inside of the Car

In addition to cleaning the exterior of the car regularly, you also have to pay attention to the interior conditions of your car. To clean the inside of the car, you only need to prepare a clean cloth and cleaning liquid. Spray the cleaning liquid onto a dry cloth then rub the interior parts to be cleaned using the cloth.

Do not immediately spray cleaning liquid into the car, fearing things will happen that can interfere with the electrical parts of the car causing damage. The parts that you can clean are the only rubber car parts like the dashboard, doortrim, and other parts.

In addition, do not forget to clean the dust in the car regularly. You can use a vacuum cleaner specifically for cars. Clean the dust that is attached to the underside of the car seat, carpet, between cars, and others. If you don't have a vaccum cleaner, you can wash the car parts made of rubber or cloth.

Remove dirty parts of the car, wash thoroughly and then dry. By regularly cleaning the dust on the car will make the air circulation in the car will be healthier and cleaner. In addition, this can also keep the air filter inside to be more durable in use.

6. Caring for a Car Engine

Car engines are important components that work to drive the vehicle. But often, the condition of the car engine is not too much attention by the owners. The condition of the engine is very influential on the performance of the car, so special care is needed for car engines.

An easy way to care is to routinely clean the dust on the car's engine. You can clean it by wiping with a cloth or by using a cleaning brush. Currently there are many types of special cleansers for using cars sold on the market.

7. Routinely Replacing Engine Oil

One of the things that you must do as a way to take care of a new car is to regularly change your car's oil. At least do this for six months. Oil that is too long in the car engine will cause sedimentation, causing interference to the performance of your car's engine. In addition to engine oil, also pay attention to the condition of the power steering, brake and transmission oil. The function of oil in the car will accelerate the performance of the components in the car.

8. Use high quality BBM

Tips and how to take care of another new car is to use quality vehicle fuel. Improper use of fuel will cause damage to your car's engine. So that it will affect the performance of your own car engine. You can buy official fuel and be registered with the fueling station.

9. Clean the Bottom of the Car

In addition to cleaning the outside and inside of the car, you also need to pay attention to the condition of the bottom of the car. You can use cloth and cleaning fluid to clean the dust and dirt that is attached to the parts under the spartbor and the other bottom.

The purpose of cleaning the bottom of the car regularly will keep the car part that serves as a support for the car body from rust hazards that can damage the part of the car. Don't forget to regularly check the tires of your car when going to travel. Both wind pressure and tire thickness. This routine check can avoid you from the dangers of driving accident.

10. Avoid Using Vehicle that is Not Right

Some things that need to be avoided in the use of new cars is to use a car with a high speed. Try to avoid using a car with high speed, this will make you speed up damage to the car engine. In addition, note the correct use of transmission. Adjust the transmission of your car with the actual function. If you are at a low speed, then use a low gear and vice versa.

Also avoid braking the car too often, in addition to making brake pads your car becomes damaged quickly. This treatment will endanger you in driving. And finally, adjust the load in your car with an ideal load. Avoid inserting excessive load that can make your car break down quickly. Overloading can also cause the car to become unstable and cause driving accidents.

Now that's a few ways to take care of a new car so that the car can be used for a long time. Car maintenance is not only done on new car cars but on cars that you have been using for a long time. Hopefully the information above can help you.

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