Understanding of the Cooling System (cooling system on the vehicle)

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Understanding of the Cooling System (cooling system on the vehicle) - The cooling system functions to keep the engine / engine heat temperature to remain stable and so it does not overheat

Step - Radiator Parts:
Cover the radiator cap to cover the radiator cap
Upper tank to accommodate the radiator water from the engine which has a hot temperature
The core functions as a radiator water channel from the upper tank to the lower tank
The lower tank functions as a reservoir of radiator water which has been cooled by a blower / fan then it will be sucked in by a spirit pump that will be flowed towards the engine
Colling System or cooling system is divided into two, including water cooling system and air conditioning system. Both function to cool or maintain the entire engine / engine temperature.

Part of the Cooling System:
Radiator, serves as a cooling water reservoir
Pam water, serves to suck the radiator water from the lower tank to the engine that aims to circulate cooling water
Thermostat, serves to close the water channel from the engine to the radiator, which aims to accelerate the achievement of temperature / temperature of the engine when the engine is still cold. And function to open the outlet of the water from the engine to the radiator which is influenced by the temperature / temperature of the water to maintain the temperature of the engine working temperature
Vent belt, serves as a connecting pully crank shaft with pully fan radiator
Upper Radiator Hose, serves as a water channel from the engine to the radiator
Lower Radiator Hose, serves as a water channel from the radiator to the water pump / engine
Reservoir tank (reservoir tank), serves as a place / reservoir for radiator water
Water coat, serves as a place for water channels inside the machine
Working Principle of the cooling system

The water in the lower tank is sucked in by water pam which is then pumped to flow into the cooling system inside the machine (water coat) then the water circulates back upwards
passing through the thermostat and then into the upper tank and continuously circulating.

Now that's the tutorial about the Cooling System (Cooling System).
Hopefully this tutorial can be useful for us all.
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