How to Take Care of the Car Properly and Completely?

Technology Automotive - How to Take Care of the Car Properly and Completely - Of the various types of cars, one of the cars that people are interested in is a gasoline-powered car. Because these types of cars tend to be cheap and affordable. Besides that, there are various types and types. Even countries help to supply gasoline to various places to support gasoline cars because of their ease. But that does not mean we underestimate the care of gasoline cars.

How to Take Care of the Car Properly and Completely

Some studies reveal that severe damage to cars is caused by owners who underestimate or forget to take care of a gasoline car. The car and the engine are complicated. Various integrated systems carry out their respective functions. Ranging from suspension systems, cooling systems, security systems, safety systems, brake systems to fuel. This time we focus on how to care for a gasoline car that is on the fuel section.

Don't Dry Your Car
The first point for how to care for a gasoline car is not to dry your car often. Cars that experience direct contact with sunlight can have a negative impact. Either to the exterior such as paint, body or upholstery even to the interior including the gasoline system. Many people think the effects of the sun's rays and heat are limited to the exterior. Because of that, park the car in a shady place. If it's not there, you can cover it with a car blanket. The price of a car blanket is approximately between USD50 and USD30.

Adjust Gasoline with Your Vehicle
Gasoline is an important driving force in cars. Like humans who need carbohydrate intake to carry out their daily activities. If you don't consume carbohydrates, your body will become weak. Similarly, gasoline. Choose gasoline that matches your car. Luxury cars usually require free-octane gasoline. Don't fill with subsidized ones because the risk will make the machine fragile. Now there are cars that use fuel systems like EFI. This EFI needs lead-free gasoline because the sediment makes it easily clogged. Premium is permitted for old cars that still use carburetors

Take care of the battery
The third point of how to take care of a gasoline car is the maintenance of batteries regularly. To avoid scary things like breaking down on the road, can't be turned on and so on. Also clean corrosion on the battery. You need to know how to care for a dry battery so that your battery is more durable and if it is damaged then you need to know how to repair the car's dry battery.

Balance the Machine
The fourth point is to always condition the machine to remain balanced. Usually it will save gasoline by four percent. Just do the service every kilometer according to what is suggested by automotive experts. Also pay attention to the age of the spark plug. Plugs that are old but still forced to work have the potential to reduce the efficiency of gasoline by up to thirty percent. Checking the spark plug needs to be seen by engineers who have experience.

Drain the Gas Tank
The fourth point is how to take care of a gasoline car is to regularly drain the gas tank. Especially for those of you whose cars consume premium. Because there are deposits of dirt such as lead and the like at the bottom of the tank which results in paralysis of the engine operating system. Because the function of the fuel pump will be disrupted by deposits. Drain the gas tank regularly every three or four years. Don't forget you need to know the function of the car fuel filter in general and how to clean the fuel filter. If there is a problem, you need to know why the car smells of gasoline and don't forget to take care of the car's fuel tank.

Optimum Gasoline Fill
Optimal is not too much and not too little. You must be optimal in filling gasoline. If it is too full the results can seep in the tank lid. If it's too little, sludge like lead and the like, can be sucked and eventually clog the gas station

Operate Cars Efficiently
Efficient means being able to adjust the gear and clutch with speed and road conditions. If the gear does not match the speed and condition of the road, it is feared that it will affect gasoline. Do not press the clutch too often because it causes waste of gasoline. Besides that it can also reduce the life of clutch canvas. If you are going to go through a hill and get stuck, stop the car with a handbrake. Do not withstand the speed of the car with the clutch.

Note the Wind Pressure in the Tire
Wind pressure control needs to be periodic. Little by little, wind pressure will usually quickly decrease due to hot temperatures and car loads. It is recommended to always check the wind pressure about once a month. Non-optimal wind pressure has the potential to reduce tire age and wasteful gasoline consumption. Take care of car tires with tips on car tire maintenance. Occasionally replace the tire with a type of car tire that is suitable for the rainy season.

Check the Air Filter
The last point for how to care for a gasoline car is the filter. Clean the air filter by cleaning the air filter. Perform regular air filter changes. Because a filter filled with dust forces the car to work harder and that means it requires additional gasoline. Some suggest every one or two years. For a hot environment replacement is made after a distance of 24,000 kilometers. Replacement of a good air filter can save as much as ten percent of gasoline. Check the air filter when you change oil.

Such is information about how to care for a gasoline car. This kind of treatment aims to save up to a few percent of gasoline. Hopefully you can cut your expenses a few percent.

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