How to Adjust the Valve Cylinder 4-Cylinder Engine

How to Adjust the Valve Cylinder 4-Cylinder Engine - Adjustment of the valve tension is included in the tune-up list procedure, because it is needed to maintain the performance / performance of the gasoline engine 4 is not good on a motorcycle or car. in general the adjustment of the car and motorbike valve is the same, only the difference between them is the cylinder.

How to Adjust the Valve Cylinder 4-Cylinder Engine

This time I will explain how to adjust the car valve. Before the setting phase we must prepare equipment, including:
Fuller (to determine the size of the gap)
Konci Ring 19 (depends on the car's pulley itself)
Ring Lock 12
Screwdriver - / +
Adjustment Stage

Before adjusting, we should determine TOP first. In order to make adjustments faster we make adjustments in TOP 1 and TOP 2.

How to determine TOP 1
Turn the pully crank sahaft / crank shaft using the ring lock 19, turn the pulley clockwise, then see the point on the pully, then the point on the pully must be parallel to the 0 ° point on the timing belt / timing chain cover. If it is aligned, open the cylinder head and then check valve IN and EX cylinder 1 when the 2 valves IN and EX are shaken free (no pressure on the valve) means it's top 1.

Look at the table above on TOP 1, which is only cylindrical 1 valve IN and EX, cylinder 2 valve IN only, then cylinder 3 valve EX only. means that the others should not be set.
How to set it to prepare a fuller size of 0.20 mm to set the valve in first, then loosen the shoe nut valve using the ring 12 key, then insert the fuller into the gap between the valve and the shoe, then rotate the baud into a clockwise slowly getting the gap 0.20mm then hold the baud with a screwdriver, then tighten the nut using the ring 12 key and the next. To drip the EX valve the same way is only the size is different 0.30mm.

Image results for adjusting the car valve

Then if you have finished setting 4 valves on TOP 1, then we set the rest of the valve that has not been set in the TOP 4. The same way as setting it in TOP 1.

Adjust the valve in TOP 4
First turn the crankshaft again 360 ° clockwise until the pully point is at 0 ° then check valve IN and EX cylinder 4 if in a free position (not depressed) means it is already in TOP 4.

Image results for adjusting the car valve

how to set it the same as the previous one TOP 1 is the opposite of TOP 1 if it starts from cylinder 1 if TOP 4 starts from cylinder 4. this last method is easier because it only adjusts the valve left over TOP 1 which has not been set yet. for more details, see the table above.

Image results for adjusting the car valve

Well, how easy is it to set the 4-cylinder engine valve gap. Hopefully this tutorial from me is useful.
if you don't understand and this tutorial is not understood, just comment on the comments below the post. if more information you can contact me, just see my personal contact in My Contact in the category. And don't forget to visit this blog.

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