Function and How it Works Carburetors

Function and How it Works Carburetors - Carburetors are one component of motor vehicles such as motorbikes or cars. You could say the carburetor is like a vehicle ammo. Without a carburetor, the vehicle has no meaning. So that the carburetor must always be maintained and functioned as well as possible.

Function and How it Works Carburetors

The functions of the carburetor include:

Turn liquid fuel into a form of mist (Gas)
Mixing the gas and uradara fuel in the right ratio, which is about 1 gram of fuel versus 15 grams of air.
Can give the amount of fuel mixture with air according to engine operation
Karburaor Working Principles

Carburetors work based on the existence of natural law, if air flows from a small room it will cause the velocity of uadara flowing in the small space to get bigger and the pressure decreases (decreases).
The small room inside the carburetor is called a venturi and is generally connected to a spuyer that is connected to the bowl where the fuel (the Float Chamber) will be sucked up through the next sepuyer, the fuel will be a fog / gas form, this drainage is the piston movement in the cylinder.

Carburetor Component Names and Functions:

Float Chamber, as a shelter and place a temporary fuel supply in the carburetor
Floating, as a limiting amount of fuel volume that enters the float chamber
Float pin, serves as a locking buoy so that it does not escape the stand
Housing Nedle Valve, serves as a home valve
Nedle Valve, serves as a needle valve (open / close) BB channel from the tank that will enter the float chamber
Air Bleder
Power Piston, functions as a power valve lever when there is a peck
Main Zet Primary, functions as sepuyer or BB channel from the float chamber to the primary ventury small tube
Secondary Main Zet, functions as sepuyer or BB channel from the float chamber to the secondary ventury small tube
Acceleration piston, serves as a BB pump which supplies additional BB during acceleration load
Power Valve, serves as a valve and closes the BB channel from playing zet
Nozle Acceleration, serves as a BB converter tube into mist
Slow Zet, serves to supply BB into the combustion chamber through the intake manifold when the engine position is lamsam (stationary)
Carburetor flange, as a bearing between the carburetor and the intake manifold, and as a place for the trottle valve to stay with mechanical arms
Primary Valve Trottle, serves to regulate the amount of BB mixture and air that will enter the combustion chamber
Secondary valve trottle, its function is the same as the primary trottle if the secondary one will work when the engine is in high rotation or also called full load
Air mixing adjusting screw, functions as a baud for air and BB mixing
Idle adjusting screw, functions as a lamsam / stationary suit baud
Mechanical arms, serves to move the trotlle valve by being pulled with a gas cable
Now that's the explanation from me regarding the function and the way the carburetor works, hopefully this tutorial will benefit us all.
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