Car Clutch

Car Clutch - Basically the collision serves as a connector and engine speed breaker from the flywheel (play wheel) to the transmission.
When coupling is operated / clutch pedal stepped on means the clutch decides the round of play whell. Whereas if the clutch is not operated / the clutch pedal is not stepped on it means the clutch connects the engine rotation from the play wheel to the transmission

Car Clutch

Main Component Colling Name:
Disc Clutch
Clutch Cover (Dekrup / Matahari)
Release Bearing (Laher)
Shift Fork (Dek Laher)
Disc Clutch

Disck clutch or often called the clutch plate serves to forward the engine rotation from the play wheel to the input shaft that is in the transmission during power connection.

Components - Disck Clutch Components:
Facing Clutch, serves as a friction plane between two related fields when connecting
Revet, serves to lock two pieces facing with the plate
Plate, serves as a stand facing and other clutch disc components
Spring / Torsion Dumper, serves to reduce shock when connecting
Cushion Plate, serves to soften the impact received by spring / torsion dumper so that the power transmission to the infut shaft feels soft
Clutch Hub, serves as the shaft input shaft and as a round connector from the clutch disc to the input shaft
Clutch Cover (Dekrup / Matahari)

Clutch cover or often called dekrup serves to press / squeeze the clutch disc so that the rotation of the play wheel can be forwarded to the input shaft when connecting the power and disconnecting the clutch disc with the wheel at the time the clutch is operated so that the power release occurs.
Components - Components of Clutch Cover:
Pressure Plate, functions as a friction plane and clutch disc clamp during power connection
Spring Diaghfrahma, serves as a clutch disc press release spring during clutch operation
Clutch Cover, serves as a component holder - a component that is on the cover clutch
Release Bearing (Laher)

Release bearing or often called coupling laher serves as a bearing that presses the spring diaphragm at the time of clutch operation

Release Fork (Dek Laher)

Release fork or often called deck deck serves as a driving fork that pushes the release bearing when the colling / clutch pedal is operated.

Now that's the four main components of Car Clutches and their functions. Hopefully it can help and be useful for all of you.

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