8 Ways to Clean Old Cars Quickly

Automotive Cars - 8 Ways to Clean Old Cars Quickly - The rapid development of science has an effect on the automotive world. At present, the automotive market is bombarded by sophisticated new cars. Even equipped with high-tech features ranging from security to entertainment that makes us stare. But in the midst of sophisticated and quality cars, there are still people who have an interest in old cars. They are not interested in the technology. But interested in the uniqueness, aesthetics and the easiness of an old car.

8 Ways to Clean Old Cars Quickly

Old car owners must routinely check and care for old car engines. Of course because of the age of the engine that can be said to be sickly. So the treatment is different from new cars today. Don't be careless because it's like caring for an elderly person who is already sick. Especially how to clean an old car engine. To wash the car, do it carefully. Because there are many mistakes washing cars that we don't know.

Usually we forget the engine room when washing the car. In fact, the engine contributes significantly to the movement of the car and to the supporting components. Of course the way to clean it is different from the car body. In order for the electrical parts to be exposed to water, we need to be careful in washing the car engine. Here's how to clean an old car engine.

Cool Cars and Tools
How to clean the old car engine first, cool the engine first. If it's just been used. The best washing is in a cold car condition. Because the condition of a hot car is feared it will cause component deformation due to sudden temperature changes. If it is curved, it will cause the engine's performance.

There are various tools for the tools. Prepare plastic or insulation on the parts through which electricity flows. This action is needed so that electrical parts such as cables can be protected from splashing water and preventing short circuit. Then buy special soap such as soap, brush, water spray and wipe. There are ways to wash the car so that it is always clean. If you use a kit, then there is a way to burn the car with a kit to make it more attractive.

Cable Packaging
The second stage for how to clean an old car engine is to coat the cable. Cover the parts that are electrified as accurately as possible. There are some old cars whose cable parts are left unraveled. Because if it's not covered by a cable it has the potential to experience a short circuit. If there is no insulation, the plastic is okay. Whatever the origin is light and can block the splash of water from touching the cable.

Wash the Affordable Parts
After the previous stages are complete, then you are ready to clean the car. Clean the parts that are easily accessible first. Examples are like the hood of a car. Or it could also be the rear engine to the front. Spray with water and then wash it with dabbing soap. Soap is not only because the price is cheap, it can lift oil, fat and dirt easier.

Use a brush to rub it. After cleaning, rinse with plain water then dry and use a cloth to clean. For oil melting, you can use kerosene if you don't have soap. If your car body is black then there is a way to polish black car paint. Don't forget to do interior cleaning. There are ways to clean the car seat and how to clean the interior of the car.

Washing Parts that are Difficult to Afford
The fourth stage for how to clean an old car engine is to use an old toothbrush to reach narrow and distant gaps. Then, rinse with clean water until the remaining oil and soap are completely gone. To clean air-conditioning hoses and rubber dampers, it is prohibited to use kerosene because rubber is damaged and stretchy. Just use car soap or dab soap.

Wash the Radiator and AC Parts
There are some old cars that don't use coolers. But now you can add a cooler to your car. To access the radiator and AC it is necessary to dismantle the front grille. Because it's easy to break, do it carefully. You can also clean up the dirt in the area. Then spray a little low pressure water. Try not to water until exposed to a pressure cleaner and fine lattice. Caring for an old car radiator does need a special method.

Dry the car engine
After thorough cleaning of the engine parts, you have to dry the old car. Use a soft cloth to wipe. For components made from rubber, spray with silicon. Let stand for a few minutes and then use a cotton cloth to clean it.

Give lubricants to the parts needed. Lubricants are very important for older cars. Like the lock on the hood opening, then in the rubber belt with the help of a dresser belt. In addition to making the machine easier to work, lubrication also functions to eliminate water that is still in the engine. You need to know the type of car oil.

Turn on the old car engine
Check the car more carefully if there are still dirty or runny parts. If there are, clean or wipe again then dry. If it's clean, try restarting the car engine so that the heat can dry out parts of the car that are difficult to reach. Don't forget, regularity in checking is an important point in how to care for an old car engine

So information about how to clean an old car engine. Indeed, we need a little carefulness and caution in caring for old cars. Hopefully your old car is always in good health and maintains its performance. If you have a Carry car, then you need to know how to take care of an old carry car.

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