6 Ways to Take Care of the Rarely Used Cars

Technology Automotive - 6 Ways to Take Care of the Rarely Used Cars - Some people think cars that are rarely used will last a long time. When the car is left idle in the garage, it does not mean that the car will not be damaged. Actually the risk of damage is the same as the car that is commonly used. Especially the risk of damage to the legs of the car. Then there are the legs of the car, the sound of annoying.

6 Ways to Take Care of the Rarely Used Cars

Usually a car that is rarely used will cause problems. Like a human whose body has never been made a sport. Later there will be a disease. Just like a car. In addition to the legs of the car, the problem can also hit the tire.

There are many reasons why people rarely use cars. For example, you plan to go abroad or out of town without carrying a car for a long time. For those of you who live in a big city like Jakarta, you might prefer to use a motorcycle to break through the traffic jams in the capital city. Whatever the reason, to keep your car good, you need to pay attention to some important points. The following are examples of problems due to lack of caring for cars that are rarely used and how to care for them.

Damage to the battery
The first point is to take care of a car that needs attention to the battery. The battery can be damaged if left behind or not used in the old time. If you really intend not to use the car for a long time, you should disconnect the battery cable that is still connected to make it last longer and has less power. The way to release it starts from the negative pole and then the positive pole. To install the opposite, that is the positive pole first negative pole.

If someone is at home, ask them for help. No need to remove the battery poles. But just ask to heat the car ten to fifteen minutes every day as long as you are out of town. You can also remove the battery poles every five minutes a day. Prevent as much as possible so as not to show signs of dry car batteries.

Kempisnya Car Tires
Not only is the battery, the result of the lack of car maintenance that is rarely used also affects the car tires. There are signs of a flat tire. It's not straightforward, but slowly but surely, car tires will deflate little by little. Indeed, sometimes people underestimate this because they only think, "Ah, just ban it." In order not to be damaged, support the car so that the tire does not come into contact with the floor. You also need to know the tips for car care.

Damage to the Wiper
The third point for car maintenance is the care of the wiper. A hardened wiper is one of the consequences of a lack of caring for rarely used cars. Because the wiper is too long attached to the windshield so that it loses flexibility. The maintenance solution is to put the holder between the wiper and the windshield so that it doesn't stick too long. Many shops are sold, there are actually other alternatives. Do not have to wear a restraint. You can also use pieces of wood or foam. There are ways to care for car wipers so they don't get damaged quickly and stay long. But if it's already broken, then you need to know how to repair a car wiper.

Sticky to the Brake Plate
Stickiness on the brake disk occurs because the car is not used just like that but the handbrake is active. Because the hydraulic fluid that functions to move the piston rusts if the car is not used at all. Deactivate the handbrake first if you plan not to use your car for a long time. The effect will be worse if your car uses a drum brake. If your car uses brakes with disc type, then you need to know the damage to the disc brakes and how to repair the disc brakes.

Better to use a stand jack to hold the car. The price is around USD30 to USD50. Buy this tool if you are often out of town.

If you plan to not use the car for a long time, you should wash your car to avoid accumulating dust. Wash the parts that are easily affordable first like the body to wash all the dirt. Then check and clean the hard-to-reach parts. Use a brush and dab soap. For the interior, use a vacuum cleaner. Make sure the car is really clean if you return from your trip. After washing, you should wear your car with a car cover so that there are no new dust. In addition, if you don't have a garage it will also be useful to protect the car from heat, rain and theft. There are ways to take care of a car dashboard.

Declining Quality of Vehicle Fuels
The last point to take care of a car that is rarely used is to check the fuel. In order to ensure the right quality of fuel, you should fill the fuel to the full before starting the long journey. The benefit is to prevent air space that has the potential to produce dew. The dew created is feared to have an impact on the quality of fuel and will later make the engine performance decrease.

Such is information related to car maintenance that is rarely used. Hopefully your car will stay durable, maintain its quality and perform well when you will use it again next time. If you intend to travel for a long time, ask your family or relatives at home such as your wife and child to always take care of the car.

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